coffee time

December 03, 2012  //  Posted by: akani  //  Category: Fashion, street style

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6 Responses to “coffee time”

  1. katys Says:

    Kur paltas pirktas?nerealus!!(isjunk komentaru tikrinima..)

  2. akani Says:

    paltas seses dovana(Max&Co firma)+mano turetas kailis:)

  3. Sandra Says:

    Kokia dama! Grazu :) Turetum dazniau postinti outfitus :)

  4. Giedre Says:

    Labai labai grazus paltas! : )

  5. akani Says:

    Sandra,Giedre aciu:)

  6. Dharia Lézin Says:

    Hi I absolutely love the outfits!! I have a fashion blog with many readers from all over the world and I would like to upload at least one picture of each country that reads me, one of them is Lituania, of course! It is very important for me to show the fashion and outfits of every single country. So I was wondering If I could use your pictures there :) Here is the link in case you wanna check it. I hope you say yes as many girls have done already. Would be really cool! Of course the link to your blog would appear there ;)

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